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with korina felkers
(On Zoom)

This four week introductory course is followed by the intermediate and advanced level courses which dive deeper to complete the three part Empowered Feminine series, all of which are taught by Korina Felkers.*


The Intro Course covers:

  • The true nature vs. distortions of masculine & feminine energy

  • Cleaning out the limits, restrictions and foreign energy from these energies within you

  • The female grounding cord, running your female energy & resetting it to your true essence

  • The role of the feminine energy in manifesting & learning how to use it

  • Clearing restrictions & outdated agreements & updating your manifesting space

  • Creating the ideal balance of these energies within yourself...


      AND MORE!


Begins: THURSDAY, OCT 6 2022.

Ends:    THURSDAY, OCT 27, 2022.


10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., Colorado/USA Time.

(Europe’s evening/S.America’s afternoon).

Number of classes: 4

Classes will be recorded if you are unable to attend any of them.



(US$20 nonrefundable fee - to register and hold your place in the class. This fee can be used towards any class or service if an emergency arises and you are unable to attend the class).

Please note: This class is geared toward women, with a strong emphasis on learning to reclaim your uniquely female energy.


*Meet your instructor, Korina Felkers on Our Team Page.

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