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6-Week Workshop (On Zoom)

Have you encountered the same issues over and over in dating or in your relationship? Learn how to get to the energetic roots of what is going on and take your love to the next level (in your relationship with yourself and/or with your current or potential loves).

The class will cover common obstacles to a deep love, as well as offer personalized insight on the energies in your relationship space that are taking it from going deeper into the next level, whether that is manifesting a relationship or going deeper into an existing relationship.

To Be Announced

(For 6 weekly classes, every Saturday for six weeks in total).

Prerequisite: My introductory 1/2 weekend workshop or comparable education/experience.

US $444/ month

(US$20 nonrefundable fee - to register and hold your place in the class. This fee can be used towards any class or service if an emergency arises and you are unable to attend the class.)

Issues we will specifically work on & cover:

  • What is love?

  • Watering the roots of  a strong foundation for a beautiful relationship with self and others.

  • Radiating your light from the heart.

  • Project not, want not.

  • What to look for in a partner (or friend or business associates).

  • Cleaning out the energy of previous sexual partners.

  • Creating space for a new love or expanding your current relationship’s space.

  • Ecstasy and enlightenment. 

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